**  Undertow Musical Screenplay  **

Rise (dream-state melody)

Swirling dream state soon to be interrupted by the harsh reality of day. Subject just prior to waking enjoying last fragments of his peaceful state. Theme enters with a comforting tone transitioning to the harsh sound of subjects alarm clock.

Shine (aggressive hard slap in your face)

Startled by the sound of his alarm subject sits upright in bed "Everything’s starting to fade…" The reality of life starts piece by piece as the subject makes his transition to the waking world. The battle between ones negative conscience and its positive sub-conscience begins.

Shivering (the drag from bed to the mirror)

Subject makes the leap to reality suffering its hurt and pain. Begging for a few more precious moments of the security of his dream world (bed). Subject pleads "What would it harm" to have just a few more moments.

More or Less (aggressive fast)

Subject exits to the outer world reflecting on his decreasing desire to give more to life. "More and more means less and less". Subject is beginning to lean towards (or questioning the alternatives) ending the pain and suffering. This means metaphorically the subject is beginning to accept the possibility of taking the next step towards ????

Wasted Breath (midrange tempo)

Debate between the conscience and the sub-conscience where the subject is being asked (by the sub-conscience) to justify his negative outlook. He responds with "I’m tired of wasting breath".

Medicine (poppy up tempo)

Subject exits car and debates with sub-conscience. Walking through the parking lot remembering his place in life. "Heads Down" feeling sorry for himself and his lot in life. He reminds himself that this miserable life is what he deserves (or has what he has earned). He assumes that the world looks at him in dismay. His ambition and desire for life fades "Feel it going down, can you feel it?"

Unpopular (More aggressive up tempo)

After a few experiences during the day or at work subject again explains to the sub-conscience that he has tried hard to fit in and to be happy but he says "They tore me down". In this song subject blames others for not understanding him and for his unhappiness in life.

She wants that (midrange tempo late entry of Ringo-sounding drums)

Subject sees picture of happier times in life (pictures of a girl, graduation, kids, house, cars, family) and begins the ritual of rejecting (unburden himself of)any tossing away these memories. He explains that he has tried to be something that he wasn’t and it has left his life in disillusionment and confusion. This a results in his continuing alienation of himself from feelings of hope and love. His perception is that others now are happy to alienate themselves from him. Again he thinks "You never know the end is near"

Stop It (Minor key mysterious melody)

Subject is again debating with his sub-conscience and is just asking "will this go away" "if I say your stupid word". What will if take to rid himself of his sub-conscience’s will to survive. "If I just give in" will it go away long enough for the subject to do what he really wants and feels. In the end the subject’s decides to feed the sub-conscience and to start the show, but the his real motive is to go out with a bang. He begins his idea of a march to glory.

Purge (up tempo, circus like tune)

Sickened by the realization that this life isn’t enough for him the subject he has now decided to cut the chord with life. In return he feels he will unburdening the sub-conscience’s duty to keep him going. Subject feels he is trapped by life and is now ready to cross the line into the unknown of perhaps death or worse ….